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11 times League winners

1972, 1977, 1978, 1994, 1996, 1999, 2000, 2007, 2011, 2012, 2016

Kenya president’s cup

1975, 1989, 1993, 2016


1988, 1989, 2000, 2001, 2008

IN 1988- Khartoum, Sudan was the place the tournament was held and the same place where the brewers got their first Cecafa trophy. They were grouped together with Ugandan, Express FC, Zanzibar’s, Miembeni FC and Sudan’s, El Mereikh. In the encounters, breweries were in scoring streak with the score line being, 3-0 against Express fc, 3-0 against Miembini and drew on a 1-1 score with El Mereikh. Topping the group table, they proceeded to the finals facing Nakivubo Villa and scored the lone goal from George Opondo hence the final stage was on their palm. Sudan based El Mereikh with the home advantage did not manage to score any goal hence the thirsty brewers scored two goals and grabbing the trophy in a foreign land.

IN 1989- The tournament was held in Nairobi, Kenya. In groupings, breweries were in group A with Coastal Union from Tanzania, MDC United from Malawi and Nchanga rangers from Zambia. In their first match against coastal union they managed to score a lone goal. Ahead to their second match which was against MDC united they emerged top in the match by a score of 3-1 and the last match in their group with Nchanga rangers the opponents took the glory of the day by scoring 2-0. With the other teams having won only one game each and breweries 2 games, they came on top of the log in the groupings stage and hence went for the semis where they were to face Nakivubo Villa from Uganda.  With a great performance displayed they scooped the win with a score line of 2-0, granting them an automatic lee-way to the finals. With a well-chosen team, the brewers faced the Tanzanian side, Coastal Union and emerged the best after Paul Onyera scoring 2 goals and Henry Motego adding up 1 goal to be crowned the Cecafa champions with the 3-0 defeat.

IN 2000- The participants were Vital’O from Burundi, Telecoms from Kenya, APR from Rwanda, Mukura Victory from Rwanda, Benaadir Telecoms from Somalia, Mtibwa sugar from Tanzania, SC villa from Uganda and Malindi fc from Zanzibar. Brewers were grouped with APR who they drew on a flat rate of 0-0, Malindi Fc who they scored 1-0 and lastly Mtibwa sugar who drew on a 1-1 score line. Forging forward to the semi-finals, brewers played against Mukura victory and emerged the winners with 4 goals to 1 therefore head for the finals against APR. Though in the group stage they had a flat rate result, they displayed a good performance and with the zeal they emerged the champions after scoring 3-1.

IN 2001- In the soil of our own land, Kenya is where the tournament was held. Group A having their games in Nairobi and group B in Mombasa. Brewers were to compete for the next round with CDA FC, Elman FC and Saint George. A fantastic game was displayed with the brewers like never before. The results were as follows; against Elman it was 4-0 goals coming from William Odidi, Bernard Karanja, and 2 goals from Frankline Obare, 1-0 against Saint George with the lone goal from Thomas Ochieng Siranga, and the last match in group stage was with CDA fc where they scored 6-0 with goals from, Frankline Obare, William odidi, Thomas Ochieng siranga, kevin malumbe and Edward Karanja. This automatically gave them a ticket to the semi-finals.  The good form of our very own Frankline Obare with the scoring spree was all that was needed to score the lone goal against SC Villa and grant them a chance in the finals against Oserian. The interesting match ended on a nil-nil draw prompting for post-match penalties where brewers took it up by scoring 3 -0. The penalty takers were, George waweru, Edward Karanja and Charles oduor who scored and unluckily Thomas Ochieng siranga’s penalty was held.

IN 2008- The tournament was held in Daresalam, Tanzania. Tusker was kept in a group with Simba SC, Vital’ O and Banaadir Telecom. The match against Simba SC ended with a 3-2 tusker taking the lead from Oscar Kadenge, John Keo and Simon Mburu. The next game was against Vital’O which ended on a 1-3 the goal coming from Kenneth Wendo. The last game to determine Tusker’s move to the next level was against Banaadir Telecom where they came back to a scoring spree of 5-0 with scores coming from John Njoroge, Joseph Shikokoti, Jeff Oyando, Kenneth Wendo and Osborne Monday. They booked a place in the quarter finals at the Old National Stadium in Daresalam against Rayon sports. After a full time flat ate results of 0-0, they went to post match penalties where tusker emerged the lead with 7-6. Direct ticket to the semi-finals was found where they were booked against Yanga fc and managed to pass through with a solo goal from Simon Mburu.

The semi-finals line-up;

Coach: Jacob Mulee

Boniface otieno, Ibrahim Shikanda, John Njoroge, Joseph Shikokoti, Humphrey Okoti (Crispin Odula), Edward Kauka, Osborne Monday, Simon Mburu, John Keo (Robson Ndondo), Justus Anene ,Hassan Aden.

Heading to the finals, they were booked against URA where they were the final winners having scored 2-1, with goals from Joseph shikokoti and Oscar Kadenge.

The finals line-up;

Coach: Jacob Mulee

Boniface otieno, Ibrahim Shikanda, John Njoroge, Joseph Shikokoti, Humphrey Okoti, Crispin Odula, Edward Kauka, Osborne Monday, Simon Mburu, Justus Anene, Hassan Aden.

Used subs: Oscar Kadenge, Kelvin Omondi, John Keo

Unused subs: Joseph Ruto, Robinson Ndondo, Japhary Oyando

East Africa Hedex Super cup

1994, 1995,

IN 1994- Final tournament participants (Mombasa, Kenya): Kenya breweries, (KCC) Kampala City Council, Malindi FC, Zanzibar




1995- Final tournament participants (Kampala, Uganda): Kenya breweries, Express Red Eagles, Kampala, Malindi FC, Zanzibar


KBL 1-0 Express Red Eagles

KBL 2-0 Malindi

Kenya super cup

2012, 2013

KPL top 8

2013, 2014

IN 2013- Thika vs Tusker in the finals where it finished with a draw of 2-2. Later on the post math penalties it ended on 3-5 tusker taking the lead. The penalties were taken by Ismail Dunga, Samuel Odhiambo, Ali Abondo, Collins Okoth, and Khalid Aucho.

2014- The finals was held at Kinoru stadium pitting AFC leopards which ended on a 2-1; Tusker taking the lead. With goals from Alwanga Clifford and Lloyd Wahome.

CAF Champions league

10 appearances     

CAF cup finals 4 appearances

1976, 1990, 1993, 1994

1994 finals with Motemba Pembe

African champions club

4 appearances reaching semi-finals in 1973 





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