Chairman’s New Year Message

I would like to begin by wishing everyone  a happy and prosperous New Year. We certainly look forward to 2019 with great hope after what has been a very challenging year for the club both on and off the pitch. 

Looking back, 2018 turned out to be a tough year which came with many lessons for all us. The senior team didn’t start the season well, forcing the board of directors to make changes in the technical bench. A decision was made to bring in Robert Matano as the new head coach and Charles Okere as his assistant. Okere is also the head of youth development.

Despite the bad start, the senior team still managed to finish the third at the end of the season. The Youth team too managed a top three finish in the Nairobi County Regional League. To all the players, well done and let’s focus on delivering better results this year. 

There were many magnificent individual performances to reflect on but the overriding success was the collective performance of both teams.  Let us build on the success of 2018 and achieve more in 2019.

Our sponsors remain invaluable to us and again I thank them for their continued support over the years and look forward to build on our relationship in 2019. We hope that together we will continue to build a better club giving equal opportunities to everyone – both young and old. 

I would like to thank the club’s directors for their support and hard work in the just ended year. Your dedication and patience in the face of several challenges has been admirable.   A lot has been done and there’s still a lot more to do on our table. 

I also want to thank all staff at the club; without the work you do on a daily basis behind the scenes we would not have made the progress we have made thus far. 

To our supporters, we are grateful. This club is nothing without you. Thank you for your relentless support. We are committed in ensuring that you continue to be proud of the team’s performances.This year will certainly present us with more challenges and opportunities for all, there will be joy, upsets, disagreements but most importantly enjoyment and success. 

We also must keep in mind that Tusker FC has its 50th anniversary this year and we are looking forward to having a good run this season.

I am honored to be your Chairman and I believe in this club like all of you.  We are a great club with brilliant people, strong values and a proud history. 

I wish you and your families a great and prosperous year. 

Best Regards,

Daniel Aduda, Chairman

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