Tusker head coach Robert Matano has urged the team to continue from where they left in the first leg of the season, even as football resumes after a seven week break. The tactician has expressed relief at resumption of action, but also notes it will be a tough call for his side to get their rhythm on.

Here are excerpts from his pre-match thoughts:

“It is good to be back because we have been idle for a while now, almost two months and we are pleased to be getting back to business. We started training last week and this was our second week,”

“We desire, are willing and ready to continue from where we left. It is not so easy especially after staying out for almost two months without training but we are ready to bounce back,”

“Everybody was affected but we will work hard to continue with our rhythm and make sure we defend our place. We want to continue with the same spirit. We are still willing to move forward,”

“We want to play a match at a time and get results. Everybody wants to win and our consistency will be key. Our aim, our minds and heart are willing to fight for the title.”

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