Tusker FC midfielder Mike Madoya says he dreams of crowning his time at Tusker so far with a title to his name. Madoya joined Tusker from Zoo Kericho at the end of the 2018 season and says his ultimate desire is to win a trophy with the brewers.

“I have won individual trophies during my time at Zoo and now what remains is winning the league title. This is what I am working on now and dreaming of currently at Tusker. I believe if we win something as a team, I will have achieved a great feat and added a trophy to my cabinet,” says Madoya.

He adds; “So far so good at Tusker since I arrived. We have not won anything yet but this season, I can see we are doing good and I remain very optimistic that at the end of the season we will get something.”

Madoya joined the Nairobi based brewers after a stellar time with Zoo where he was named the 2017 KPL Most Valuable Player.

He says Tusker has helped him grow as a player and a person and hopes his star can continue rising.

“Being at Tusker has been very different because here things are run professionally and it is a big team so definitely the expectations are big. Also, the financial aspect of the club and the general culture are different so it has been a huge learning process for me,”

“I have grown a lot since arriving at Tusker and I continue to learn every day. The things that I was doing at Zoo I can’t do them here because I have to work harder and match up with the expectations. I believe being here will make me a better player,” added the midfielder.

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