The Tusker FC squad has settled down well for pre-season training in the Coastal City of Mombasa. The team arrived on Sunday night and will pitch camp for the rest of the week in preparation for the first leg of the preliminary round of the CAF Champions League against Djibouti’s Arta Solar 7 on September 11.

The squad started off with a team meeting on Monday before a light training session at the Mbaraki Complex in the afternoon.

The team stepped up with a morning session on Tuesday with the coach keen to build synergy in the team with a number of new players reporting in.

“We chose Mombasa because it has ideal weather close to what we expect in Djibouti. Camping here will give us a good opportunity to get used to such kind of weather and give us an easier time when we play in the first leg,” said CEO Charles Obiny.

Head coach Robert Matano commented; “We needed a place where we could settle down, focus and concentrate with minimal distraction and this camp provides us with such kind of an atmosphere. We look forward to work well with everybody for the next one week.”

Stand in captain Humphrey Mieno said; “As players we really look forward to this one week to work together and build that team spirit ahead of the season. We have very tough matches in the Champions League and the FKFPL and we need such kind of an atmosphere to build up towards the new campaign.”

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