Tusker Youth defender James Omondi has been given an opportunity to train with the senior team by coach Robert Matano and has sure impressed throughout the week. The 19-year old Information Technology (IT) Student says he is delighted to get the chance to learn under the wings of the senior players as well as coach Robert Matano.

“The players and coaches have welcomed me so well and no one is underrating me because I am from the Youth Team. They are treating me like I am one of them and in their level as well. It has been a very great welcome from the lads,” Omondi said.

He adds; “It is really a huge encouragement for me because being picked to train with the senior team shows you something. For me, it gives me the urge to come in here and learn and do better and improve as a player,”

“It also gives me hope that I can get to the same level of playing in the Premier League. I have learnt a lot these past few days. I look at the leadership in the likes of Asike (Eugene) and the way they command the backline and it really motivates me,”

“The senior defenders have also taught me a lot. In terms of communication, positioning etc, I am now better. I have a lot to improve on and work on as a player. I also need to do better physically because the tempo and strength here is different,” he added.

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